Umbrella employment for transitional management in France

The transitional manager intervenes in crisis situations to solve problems that cannot be resolved internally (departure of a leader/manager, insoluble problem, high turnover, decrease in orders, regulatory changes, strong increase in sales, reorganization, strikes, opposition campaigns).

Our specialization

  • Régie Portage has chosen to specialize in very few professions, and transitional management is one of them. Today, 90% of umbrella employment companies are generalists. Régie Portage clearly positions itself alongside transitional managers.
  • With more than 220 contractors and a turnover of 14 million euros in 2021, Régie Portage is a human-sized company with numerous transitional managers.
Un manager de transition français en mission

The advantages of umbrella employment for transitional managers

Simplicity and speed

Umbrella employment specific to transitional managers should be simple and fast.

For optimal efficiency, the consultant will choose their umbrella company while negotiating their service with their client (which is usually a transitional management placement company, here is the list). The umbrella employment company then drafts the service contract, which the client signs so that the umbrella company can hire the consultant.

To focus on their activity, the transitional manager needs an umbrella employment company that requires a minimum of formalities, even if it means concentrating expense reports during a quieter period or only submitting expense justifications. These “express” formalities imply that the transitional manager has complete trust in their umbrella company through a personalized human approach and trust commitments in their umbrella employment agreement to avoid the inconveniences some consultants have encountered.

Enhanced support

Between two assignments, the transitional manager needs an umbrella employment company that offers personalized follow-up to help them quickly find another assignment related to their specialties and professional project.

This can include, for example, training, entrepreneurial coaching interviews, or connecting them with clients or firms specializing in transitional management.

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