The Régie Portage Offer

Régie Portage doesn’t stop at offering you the best possible net salary through Umbrella employment. Our team also provides personalized support to make your daily life in wage portage easier.

An affordable offer

With a capped 5% commission and personalized service, Régie Portage presents itself as an approachable partner for a peaceful management of Umbrella employment.

Next, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we have set a flat rate for Taxes & Insurance at 1.0%.

At Régie Portage, we don’t stop at offering very attractive simulations. In fact, we work daily with each of our clients to provide them with all the benefits of wage portage.

Our offer includes:

  • Customized contracts and support;
  • Invoices, pay slips, and entry/exit procedures at no extra cost;
  • The production of an activity statement presented in the form of an independent bank statement;
  • Numerous social benefits, including unpaid invoice insurance.

Number 1 in contractor security

Régie Portage positions itself as a leader in security for its employees, whether it’s for their activity (social security, unemployment, retirement…) or their personal data (electronic safe, GDPR).

🛡️ The electronic safe

From the moment you join Managed Portage, you benefit from an electronic safe dedicated to all your documents. This safe also receives all your documents sent by Managed Portage. Ensuring the security of your sensitive data, you are the only person who can access it.

👨‍💻 GDPR

Régie Portage places great value on the data of each of its employees. That’s why we exclusively use trusted third parties for managing and processing your data. You can consult our privacy policy by clicking on the button below.


Régie Portage, at the heart of human relationships

Your administrative tasks are reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the intervention of our teams and our intuitive digital interface. Our team regularly checks in with you to advise you on your procedures, using umbrella employment as the means to support you.

🗣️ Personalized umbrella employment support

In addition, we offer specific and individualized support:

  • First, to help you negotiate your billing level effectively.
  • Then, to help you make the best use of our range of benefits.
  • Or in case of issues (overload, security, health).

👨‍🎓 Real training opportunities

We offer you access to the most interesting training courses in your field. Depending on the scope and budget of the training, we primarily use our training plan. However, for longer or more expensive training, we resort to the reasoned use of your personal training account (CPF), or even your activity account.

⚖️ In-house legal expert

In addition to advice related to your assignments, our team includes an in-house legal expert dedicated to helping and advising you on contractual, relational issues, and also in case of conflict or dispute.

☂️ Health insurance and income protection

Furthermore, Régie Portage offers two levels of health insurance/income protection depending on whether you have executive status or not (the choice is available). This dual level of protection gives you the freedom to choose between price and the level of protection.

🛏️ Tracking days off

At Régie Portage, we have finally decided to track and count vacation days and RTT (reduction of working time) days. There are five reasons for this:

  • The need for rest
  • Your client may require it
  • Paid leave bonuses are not taken into account in calculating your vacation days
  • You can buy back your RTT days as tax-free overtime hours
  • Your remuneration is smoothed out
Zero Hidden Fees Label delivered by FEDEP'S

Guaranteed transparency

Guaranteed transparency

In line with its founding value of transparency, Régie Portage is certified with the FEDEPS zero hidden fees label. This certification guarantees, first and foremost, that promises are kept.

Better yet, this certification guarantees that no hidden fees are lurking in your payslips.

Lastly, this label allows you to be certain that the umbrella employment company is in good financial health.

Umbrella employment has long remained unregulated, allowing total freedom for umbrella employment companies. The regulation of April 2, 2015, disrupted the habits and financial models of the oldest structures. A difficult transition period saw the emergence of an association of umbrella employees that took on the task of tracking down abuses: FEDEPS. Based on an independent financial audit, this association for the defense of umbrella employees issues and monitors the zero hidden fees label.

✔️ Transparency

Beyond the label, Managed Portage is committed to total transparency:

  • Publication of our service offer online
  • Publication of financial statements at the registry, which can be consulted

📄 A verifiable and binding activity statement

Just like a bank statement, Managed Portage sends you an activity statement every month in PDF format.

Our statements are easily verifiable and, most importantly, binding in case of recourse to the company’s financial guarantee.

Contact our advisors to obtain an example of an activity statement.

The other Régie Portage pluses

🪙 VAT and CICE recovery

Since its creation, Managed Portage has returned indirect wage portage revenues such as:

  • VAT on professional expenses
  • The “complementary health” charge reduction, formerly CICE
  • Personalized assistance for workstation adaptation.

🛍️ Investment in professional equipment

Thanks to depreciation, we take into account the purchase of equipment > 500€ excluding VAT. Moreover, at Managed Portage, VAT on investments can be recovered on the activity account. With these two advantages, Managed Portage offers you superior financial possibilities.

🏡 Home occupancy allowance

Since its creation, Managed Portage has been compensating remote-working contractors for the occupation of part of their home for their professional activities.

🤩 A range of social benefits

Do you need domestic staff? A real estate project on the horizon? Are you retired? There is a benefit for every situation: Restaurant Tickets, Employee Savings Plan (PEE), Company Retirement Savings Plan (PERCO), KADEOS, Universal Employment Services Cheque (CESU), Managed Portage offers the widest possible range of social benefits.

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