Régie Portage specialities

Since its creation, Régie Portage has chosen to specialize in 3 distinct sectors: Construction, IT and interim management. Today, this is reflected in the fact that nearly 95% of our ported employees are active in these sectors.

Does your job belong to one of these sectors? Take advantage of all the expertise of Régie Portage to launch your next mission.

Our preferred sectors

Des consultants informatiques

The IT sector

Our leitmotiv at Régie Portage is that an IT consultant finds an assignment more easily thanks to individualized support. And not just any assignment: an assignment close to home and in the specialty he masters.
IT Umbrella employment
Deux consultants en train de travailler

The construction sector

The model of the classic salaried consultant in a consulting company has been opened up to freelance administration. This loophole offered to the umbrella employment widens every day a little more. The ordinance of 02/04/2015 has also participated in this breakthrough to better protect clients and other consulting companies from the risk of requalification / merchandising.
Umbrella employment in the construction industry
Un manager de transition français en mission

Transitional management sector

Régie Portage has chosen to specialize in very few professions, including interim management. Today, 90% of freelance administration companies are generalists. Régie Portage is clearly positioned alongside interim managers.
Umbrella employment for transitional management in France

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