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Des consultants informatiques

IT Umbrella employment in France

Faced with the shortage of personnel in the IT professions, IT consultants dream of a better salary and, above all, of an interesting mission. Faced with this situation, the model of the traditional salaried consultant in ESN has naturally become more flexible. A large space is now open to IT freelancing.
IT Umbrella employment
Deux consultants en train de travailler

Umbrella employment in the construction industry in France

At Régie Portage, our motto is that it is easier for a civil engineering consultant to find an assignment thanks to personalised support. And not just any assignment: an assignment that meets his or her expectations, close to home and in line with his or her skills.
Umbrella employment in the construction industry
Un manager de transition français en mission

Umbrella employment for transitional management in France

Régie Portage has chosen to specialise in very few professions, including interim managers. Today, 90% of freelance administration companies are generalists. Régie Portage is clearly positioned alongside interim managers.
Umbrella employment for transitional management in France

Our guarantees

FEDEP’S Zero Hidden Costs Label

The FEDEPS has introduced the Zero Hidden Costs label to promote good practice in umbrella employment. Whether you work with La Régie or another umbrella company, you can trust this label, which is not granted to just any umbrella employment company.

Professional liability insurance and financial guarantee

For Régie Portage, the insurance of your activity is an important issue. This is why we have subscribed to the world reference in insurance for 27 families of activities.

Unpaid invoice insurance

These insurances are set up to protect you above all, to allow you to check the solvency of your clients, and to cover you in the event of unpaid invoices, even without an advance payment.

An in-house lawyer

Régie Portage has its own in-house lawyer.

Balance sheets published without exception

Most freelance administration companies hide their difficulties by keeping their balance sheets confidential. At Régie Portage, we have published all of our balance sheets without exception.

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