Umbrella employment reinvented by a former employee

Umbrella employment
My business is more serene now that I am with Régie Portage.
Claire N. - Employed since 2018

A single commission of 5% up to €600

Our offer includes :

  • Personalised contracts and support
  • Invoices, pay slips and entry/exit procedures at no extra cost
  • The production of an activity statement in the form of a self-employed
  • Bank statement
  • Numerous social benefits.
Zero hidden costs

Following an external financial audit, Régie was awarded the Zero Hidden Costs label by FEDEP’S.


Régie Portage is a company on a human scale to accompany you in your career.

Carried employee

more than 300 carried employees have trusted us to manage their activities, will you be the next?

Zero Hidden Fees Label delivered by FEDEP'S

Régie Portage is a company with the Zero Hidden Costs label

The Zero Hidden Costs label certifies the clarity of a portage company’s accounts.

By trusting Régie Portage, you can be sure that there are no hidden costs! This label is awarded by the FEDEPS (union of ported employees) following an external and independent audit.

One of the best rated portage agencies on the web

A word from the director

After 8 years as a freelancer in Portage Salarial, I created Régie Portage in 2016. My idea was to offer affordable and transparent freelance administration. To achieve this ultimately atypical goal, I applied a 3-point philosophy:

  1. Transfer indirect income to each activity account (CICE, Fillon, VAT deductible from pro expenses, etc.).
  2. Transmit a monthly statement of account activity that is verifiable and enforceable like a bank statement.
  3. Helping carried workers to find assignments – to train – to obtain a mortgage.

In 2022, Régie Portage is a certified company on a human scale (220 employees, 12 administrative staff). This recognition is a guarantee for our future members that they will receive the best possible net salary and an appropriate level of advice.

Founder and Director, Régie-Portage

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